Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


if you're a handbag junkie like me you're gonna love this!! Handbag Planet is giving away 24 bags in 24 hours. that's right!! different bag, one different person ever hour! you still have some time to get your entry in (18 days as of today)...and you're going to want to soon because there are some really awesome bags in this giveaway! so, here's the link...go now and enter!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is my head attached??

i'm just making sure because i have been doing THE dumbest things's like my brain fell out or something!! i'm not going to mention any specifics because i'm sure it would just bore you...but you know those days where you think really hard about something you're going to do...then when you do whatever it is it's WRONG?? and not just wrong...but like REALLY wrong? ugh. or how about the days where you know there's something you need to do...but you can't think of what it is until FINALLY you think of it and GDIT now it's too late to do it!!! $#&@!!! or there's even those times when you have a secret that either you're keeping from others, or someone else has told you in confidence and said the infamous 'now don't tell anyone but...'...and no matter how damn hard you try to keep it in you end up letting it slip!! noooot cool. so, yeah...that's been my life lately (not those exact scenerios...but you get the drift! lol). i don't know if i'm just too busy and since i'm not used to actually having a life or responsibilities outside my home and family like i have moreso lately...maybe that's why. i just don't know...but it SUCKS. that's all i can say. i'm sure most of you can relate. it's especially crappy when you KNOW you're a responsible, reliable, trustworth person normally!! so, will you please share a story with me to make me feel better so i don't feel like a complete and total DUMBSH*T!!! lol




this chic does the most awesome custom blog designs! and whatta ya know...she's having a FREE CUSTOM BLOG GIVEAWAY! you really should check this out and enter to win...if you go to her home page and click on her portfolio you can see some of her work. very cool stuff!!



you guys have got to go check out 'An Ordinary Life' to see her latest giveaway! It's the Rose Petal Cottage and it is just the cutest little thing EVER! here's the link...GO!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


hey girls!! if you haven't already checked and put your order in...tonight is the last night that you can get your buy 2 get 1 FREE deal on my website "Purely Girlie Bowtique"!

check it out and HURRY...time's almost up!! as always thank you all so much for your support and everything you've done to help me out!! love ya!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

UM...i really am still alive!!!

LOL!! i'm SO sorry i haven't been around more!! it's been crazy here lately. first BOTH kids started school. it's been really nice having a little morning break every day!! then the 2nd day of school we had FAY and yea...or car got messed up and they totalled it so we had just a few days to find a new car. ugh. now that that's all settled and everything's ok in that department i have my mom in town and school's back in so i've been running running running!!! WHEW! talk about busy. not to mention my little bow business is starting to take off a little so that's good, too!! anyways...that's where i've been. i hope all my friends are doing well!! please update me and let me know, k??

i'm hoping to find some more time to get on and blog SOON! lol ya'll are 'yea right!'


Monday, August 25, 2008


how about a 10-day sale on everything in the store where you buy 2 and you get 1 free?! well, that's what you'll get when you visit 'Purely Girlie Bowtique' now until september 4, 2008! anything you purchase on my long as you order 2, you then can choose something of equal or lesser value FREE!

this is worth seeing!! check it out!!


Friday, August 15, 2008



i know you (whoever 'you' faithful blogreader, you!! lol) probably have been missing me greatly, right??? well, here's where i've been!! as most of you know i've been working my behind off for a while now trying to get my bow business in order. i've been faithfully making bows and letting all my dear friends know what was soon to come. well, with the help of some lovely chickies (christina, kayla, michelle, kristin, and others who have helped me more than they know!) i decided that the best way to get out there at this moment is just to blog my bows!! on my site you'll find full color images and click to enlarge pics (for those of you who are oldies like me and can't see lol) and pricing on all of my items!! it IS still under don't be expecting ALOT right now. lol but, it'll get the job done for now! anyways...PLEASE go check it's the link:

thank you for looking!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

a little on the sad side...

i've been thinking alot lately about death. i know that sounds morbid...but just passing thoughts...not anything scary. lol you know...stuff like how short our lives *really* are, how people feel about death, etc. i was looking at an old picture of someone who is now either very very old or most likely dead. so sad how beautiful and full of life people are at one time...then time goes by so life with being married, taking care of kids, paying bills, working, etc...i think it just passes right before our eyes. we don't even realize it. it's's's all we can do to keep up....then...*POOF*'s gone. you're young, you're vibrant, beautiful, a smoothe face and body, lively/wrinkle-less eyes, full plump lips, maybe beautiful long/thick/flowing hair...and then one day you look in the mirror and you see your mother. lol and not that your mother isn't beautiful...but she's aged...she's not so wrinkle-less anymore...she has graying hair, crows feet by her eyes. she shows what she's been but, it's sad. the woman she once was...she is no more. she's someone else...someone who's lived life and is now half-way through...maybe more. who knows? yes, it's somewhat morbid...but it's reality. it's what we see every day...we see people who were once like us...and are now over the hump of life and nearing the end of the long road.

i'm sorry for the somewhat depressing blog today...but these are my


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


hey everyone!!! just wanted to say HELLO and that we're back from visiting my dad in tennessee! the kids had an awesome time and got to do alot of fun stuff. it's slways nice to visit this time of year because everything is so green and beautiful. lots to see, too...there were alot of deer w/ little fawn everywhere. there were also a TON of turkeys on their property. at one time we saw about 25 of them...3 or 4 adults and the rest babies. it was really neat!!! anyways, here are a few pics...enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Thursday, July 24, 2008

can't we all just get along?

i can't wait for the day that my animals will co-exist. this is becoming so frustrating for me. i guess it's the age old cat vs. dog thing...but MAN who knew it'd be this hard for them to get over??? i certainly had no idea. i figured...hey! they're animals...they'll get over it and learn to like each other. they'll have to. HAHAHAHA! was i ever wrong! my cats are SO spoiled and used to it being only them...they won't let him near them to save their lives!!! so far they've broken a vase, scratched up my brand new nightstand, tore the blinds up...all in an attempt to get away from this nosey, friendly, curious dog. they have NO idea that he's not about to eat them! the only harm he would ever possibly do would be to maybe lick them or sniff them to death!!! LOL so, for now they're on the grave shift...the cats, that is. they stay in the bedroom...their 'safe place' during the day while Loki runs the house. then, at night while he's soundly sleeping in his crate they come out and run the house. i guess it's working for now...but i don't want them to live their life as 'the bedroom cats'!! i want them to come out and feel that they can run feely...they were here first after all. do you think it's likely they'll EVER be ok with poor nosey Loki? i have my doubts.

this is what i live with people!!!!!!!


Monday, July 21, 2008


i'm at the point in my life where i don't even care if i'm 'skinny'...i just want to be healthy for my family. i've given up on finding the 'old me' and i just want to live longer and be there for my children as long as possible.

so, i go get a gym membership. now i feel better...i can go whenever i want and really feel like i'm accomplishing what i want, ya know? the only problem is...i go all the time now and i'm watching my diet a little more and OMG i've GAINED MORE WEIGHT!!!! i realize that it's supposedly from building muscle but how frustrating is that!? i seriously stepped on the scale this morning thinking...ok i'll be rewarded from going to the gym almost every day for the last couple of weeks...and much to my dismay i was UP 2 lbs!! UGH!

so...that's my dilema. i could NOT go to the gym and possibly gain more weight from NOT going...or i can keep going and gain more weight still. what the HELL!?!?!?

can you tell i'm very frustrated today?? lol


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SAHM Reviews: A Giveaway from Beyond The Bomb!!

you guys have got to check this out...SAHM Reviews is doing a giveaway from Beyond The Bomb!! if you have not been to her site, trisha has some of the cutest, most unique items that you will definately want to take a look at!! i personally have not tried them...but i am most certainly going to try them out (even if i don't win in the giveaway LOL)! she has bath bombs that look like little cupcakes, oreo cookies, popcorn (you gotta check that one out!), glass slippers, footballs, etc! she even has regular bath bomb balls that have some of the most wonderful sounding names/descriptions like hawaiian mist, island paradise, banana rama, grandma's sugar cookies, etc!

how awesome of SAHM Reviews to do this giveaway and give everyone the chance to try out this neat-o product! check it out!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet 'Loki'...

well, my last blog post was all about finding the perfect pup for the family and making sure that when you do you do like bob barker says and 'help keep the pet population down and get your pet spayed/neutered'. LOL

anyways...i'm happy to announce that we have found our perfect doggie and here he is!!! not the greatest pic...but you get the drift...he LOVES the kids!! he's just the sweetest thing ever! he's potty trained, very calm, and he's obedient! he's been through some training (k-9) actually, but got kicked out because he was NOT aggressive natured! i'm so glad we have him though...he seems like he's just an awesome boy....even though the cats would beg to differ. LMAO poor babies. they'll get over it though because he's a cat lover, too! what more could we ask for?
anyways...i'm sure in the future you'll be seeing more pics of Loki boy...and i'll be sure to update on the cat to dog situation. lol

Spay/Neuter-a-thon!! THIS IS AWESOME!

recently my husband and i have been on a quest to find the 'perfect' dog for our family. we looked for a long time...just browsing on the internet through and whatnot...crossing our fingers. now, my husband is a bigtime dog lover...he has no control when it comes to finding a dog because he loves them ALL and would take any of them. so, that's where i come into this lovely scenerio...i have to be the voice of reason so that we don't end up w/ freakin' CUJO on our hands! but, suprisingly...he's been 'window shopping' really well...not even suggesting that we go meet any of them unless he was really sure that he thought it could be the perfect one.

there are SO many options for finding a dog when the time is right. you have individuals looking for homes for their pets, rescue centers, humane societies, no kill shelters, etc etc etc. there are pets EVERYWHERE looking for homes. throughout our search we visited many shelters. if you've been in one you know the feeling that you come out of there w/...sad, frustrated, HELPLESS. not only do you want to bring ONE want to being them ALL home...away from concrete cages w/ nothing but water, food, and an impersonal pillow/blanket to lay on...cut off from interaction of any kind...hoping they look 'perfect' enough for someone to take home. wow. what a gloomy place.

that's why i'm posting about a place i learned about here in south florida. it's called Animal Birth Control of Martin County. these people are awesome! not only do they help you spay/neuter your pet for SUPER low prices...but on july 19th they're having a Spay/Neuter-a-thon where they'll work 24hours straight spaying/neutering pets for FREE!!! check out this article:
this is seriously awesome. if people would take advantage of this and their regular low priced services...there would be less and less animals in shelters waiting to be picked to go home w/ someone. another website you can visit is:

the moral of the story is....if EVERYONE would take care of this very important matter with their pets there would be so many less animals looking to be adopted, not being killed in some shelters, or not waiting to die and living the rest of their life in a no kill shelter (which the people who run them are totally awesome don't get me wrong...but i do believe those animals need more than that in life). i feel very strongly about this since we're talking about saving helpless little lives! pass it on!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tristan's Wall Mural...

so, tristan has a 'surf' room...but it's blank right now. so, this is going to be his new wall mural. of course the one on his wall will be much more detailed and will look better than this 10min watercolor. lol anywho...any ideas on what might make this better? i'm up for any ideas...i'll probably start it in a week or 2...i HOPE. so much going on here...who knows. but, that is the goal! lol you know how that goes.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oooh My...

unfortunately all this obsessing over templates and photos and this and that...well it's made me look like a raggedy little housewife!!! i look like total CRAP today thanks to blogging. LMAO tomorrow i'm vowing to brush my hair, change my clothes, and maybe even put on some makeup. YAY ME!!



this post is all about music. why is music so addicting? music is such a staple in my life...i really can't imagine life w/out it. it's amazing how a tune can take you back in time...even make you smell a scent from wherever you were when you made the memory. some musical memories for me are things like...when i hear MOBY i think of when i was pregnant w/ tristan..i used to put the headphones on my belly and let him listen...i swear to god he LOVES moby...i don't know if it is just cooincidence? another memory is of DAVE MATTHEW and me and dh at the beach splashing in the waves, in love, making memories. so many songs that i hear remind me of when i was a TEARS FOR reminds me of being at the park...i must've been singing it or something because every time i hear the song it takes me back to that very moment. i can remember the feeling of swinging high w/ my sister beside me. to me, that is just amazing that music can do that!!!! isn't it?? it's just can it have that big of an effect on the mind?? for me, most musical memories are good ones. i don't have too many that aren't so great...but there are a few that remind me of ex lovers, or bad times in my life.

all in all i would have to say that i think i would shrivel up and die without music. that said...i'm gonna go charge up my mp3 player so i don't have to die. LMAO


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All About Me!!

so, here i am...i'm new to the blog world. i'm not really completely sure where to start...but hey you've got to start somewhere, right?? lol anyways, i'm going to be selfish and make this first blog post 'all about me'!! so, here goes!

my name is amanda. i'm 27 years old (YIKES!), and i'm mother to tristan who will be 8 in september, and jordyn who just turned 4. i'm married to frank going on 5 years...he is 31 years old and works as a sheriffs deputy at the jail here in town. the 3 of them are really my life. they're what my world revolves around pretty much. i wouldn't have it any other way. i'm a stay at home mommy and LOVE it!! it's really the best thing i could've ever asked for! i love that i've been able to be a part of every little thing in my childrens lives since i've been enabled to be a sahm.

a few little things about me are that i love music, art, writing, the beach, photography, and most anything creative really. i'm working right now on starting my own hairbow boutique. i've met some really awesome people who are helping me along and teaching me the ways of the business. i'm ready for whatever comes my way! i have 2 cats, and we're currently looking to adopt a dog.

anyways, that's about it i think. i really think i'm gonna like this blog thing!! thanks for looking!!