Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is my head attached??

i'm just making sure because i have been doing THE dumbest things's like my brain fell out or something!! i'm not going to mention any specifics because i'm sure it would just bore you...but you know those days where you think really hard about something you're going to do...then when you do whatever it is it's WRONG?? and not just wrong...but like REALLY wrong? ugh. or how about the days where you know there's something you need to do...but you can't think of what it is until FINALLY you think of it and GDIT now it's too late to do it!!! $#&@!!! or there's even those times when you have a secret that either you're keeping from others, or someone else has told you in confidence and said the infamous 'now don't tell anyone but...'...and no matter how damn hard you try to keep it in you end up letting it slip!! noooot cool. so, yeah...that's been my life lately (not those exact scenerios...but you get the drift! lol). i don't know if i'm just too busy and since i'm not used to actually having a life or responsibilities outside my home and family like i have moreso lately...maybe that's why. i just don't know...but it SUCKS. that's all i can say. i'm sure most of you can relate. it's especially crappy when you KNOW you're a responsible, reliable, trustworth person normally!! so, will you please share a story with me to make me feel better so i don't feel like a complete and total DUMBSH*T!!! lol