Monday, August 25, 2008


how about a 10-day sale on everything in the store where you buy 2 and you get 1 free?! well, that's what you'll get when you visit 'Purely Girlie Bowtique' now until september 4, 2008! anything you purchase on my long as you order 2, you then can choose something of equal or lesser value FREE!

this is worth seeing!! check it out!!


Friday, August 15, 2008



i know you (whoever 'you' faithful blogreader, you!! lol) probably have been missing me greatly, right??? well, here's where i've been!! as most of you know i've been working my behind off for a while now trying to get my bow business in order. i've been faithfully making bows and letting all my dear friends know what was soon to come. well, with the help of some lovely chickies (christina, kayla, michelle, kristin, and others who have helped me more than they know!) i decided that the best way to get out there at this moment is just to blog my bows!! on my site you'll find full color images and click to enlarge pics (for those of you who are oldies like me and can't see lol) and pricing on all of my items!! it IS still under don't be expecting ALOT right now. lol but, it'll get the job done for now! anyways...PLEASE go check it's the link:

thank you for looking!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

a little on the sad side...

i've been thinking alot lately about death. i know that sounds morbid...but just passing thoughts...not anything scary. lol you know...stuff like how short our lives *really* are, how people feel about death, etc. i was looking at an old picture of someone who is now either very very old or most likely dead. so sad how beautiful and full of life people are at one time...then time goes by so life with being married, taking care of kids, paying bills, working, etc...i think it just passes right before our eyes. we don't even realize it. it's's's all we can do to keep up....then...*POOF*'s gone. you're young, you're vibrant, beautiful, a smoothe face and body, lively/wrinkle-less eyes, full plump lips, maybe beautiful long/thick/flowing hair...and then one day you look in the mirror and you see your mother. lol and not that your mother isn't beautiful...but she's aged...she's not so wrinkle-less anymore...she has graying hair, crows feet by her eyes. she shows what she's been but, it's sad. the woman she once was...she is no more. she's someone else...someone who's lived life and is now half-way through...maybe more. who knows? yes, it's somewhat morbid...but it's reality. it's what we see every day...we see people who were once like us...and are now over the hump of life and nearing the end of the long road.

i'm sorry for the somewhat depressing blog today...but these are my


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


hey everyone!!! just wanted to say HELLO and that we're back from visiting my dad in tennessee! the kids had an awesome time and got to do alot of fun stuff. it's slways nice to visit this time of year because everything is so green and beautiful. lots to see, too...there were alot of deer w/ little fawn everywhere. there were also a TON of turkeys on their property. at one time we saw about 25 of them...3 or 4 adults and the rest babies. it was really neat!!! anyways, here are a few pics...enjoy!!